Emry Oxford RN, BSN, MS

Graduated from Mississippi Delta Community College Nursing School ADN, 1984, Baccalaureate Nursing Degree Mississippi College BSN, 1987, Masters Degree in Science Nursing University of Southern Mississippi, MSN 1990.

Trained in advanced Critical Care, Triage, IV Therapy, Organ/Tissue Donation and Transplant, Advanced Life Support, Pain Management, and was certified in Hyperbaric Dive Medicine in 1999.

Practiced Critical Care Nursing for 12 years and while still active in the nursing field have taken this experience into my diving profession.

I started diving in 1995 and have logged 2400 dives, it has become more like my work and is such an enjoyable passion. Since 2012, I have focused more on exploratory diving for scientific and research purposes.

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